One On One


Our One On One – Sessions are applicable when there are specific issues which you would like to address in complete privacy.

Our discrete debriefing and de-stressing programs create the space for this.

When new to any self development, clients sometimes prefer to work with us on a one on one basis first and then venture further into workshops to extend their growth and integration.

One on one programs are also preferred by celebrities and top executives who require the completely discrete approach we use within our programs.

Because of this discretion, we have been the ideal place for many well known people, who have needed debriefing of emotions and re-alignment.

You feel great and no-one knows you have worked with us!


Thank you Lara
I love working with you too. You are a powerful passionate facilitator & the only coach who has been successful in shifting me with a deep, profound & meaningful technique that works. Thank Goddess you figured out how to trick my intellect & tap into my soul. Thrilled to work with you tomorrow

Energetic Balancing

Energetic Balancing is a technique of eliminating the negative frequencies, or energetic imbalances, that hinder our defense and our growth. Energetic balancing concerns the energy body, versus the physical body. Blockages can hinder the flow which exist in the energy body.
Energy and matter are merely manifestations of the same essence which Einstein’s equation E=mc² proved to scientists. He demonstrated that everything is energy. Everything has a unique frequency.

This technique is based on the belief that when the body’s energetic frequencies are in harmony, Life Force flows. Great Life Force flow equals great personal power for us. With that we can heal, create and reach our true potential. This technique gives understanding of how we create energetic imbalances. We can learn the ability to heal ourselves and that it is our call to do so (creator reality) if we choose. Emotional imbalances are the root causes of energy blockages, also effecting the deeper intuitive. This technique is based on the belief that every physical manifestation of a disease, depression, hope, despair etc. is made up of energetic frequencies. Disharmony can create disharmony in the body. Self-healing is fundamentally both a personal choice and an intuitive application. We created it, it’s there for a reason and therefore we can change it or we can remove it. This is called healing. We apply this energetic work onto all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and intuitively. A happier, healthier and more peaceful life are the results for our clients.

Quantum Dynamics

Quantum Dynamics, revising the ability of allowing.  The techniques are based on believing that Quantum is the understanding of concepts outside of ourselves.  The quantum field is a vibrational field of possibilities connecting all and is in a state of grace, ready to manifest into form as a response to vibrations.  It is Source and we are the individual expression of Source.  Dynamics is then the interaction of individualised expressions (you, me and everything else) to this unified field.  Consciousness is what is alive and expresses through us, when we do not interfere, or try to control situations, but respond to life with an open mind and an open heart.  Often it is therefore also called the “Science of Resonance”.  Quantum Dynamics as approach, is then about experiences in consciousness when connecting to everything through our hearts (developed faculties of love) and wisdom(developed open mind).  It is the physical world and the intuitive world. It is the ability to be open to all and to be attached to none, by using opposites and experiencing vibrational frequencies which are called in the quantum world, “entanglements”.  By removing judgments, attachments or resistances to what life is presenting you, you bring yourself into the now.  As the life force moves through your body consciously we can ground the frequencies of higher consciousness into your body.  By bringing our awareness to the development of both parts of us, the faculties of love and the opening of mind, our natural rhythm can happen again.  Life becomes natural and is in an easy flow.  Clients have had spectacular results by applying quantum dynamics.   They experience themselves as HUMAN BEINGS again!

Gestalt Aspects

Gestalt Aspects (also related as “mindfulness” by some) is existential / experiential / perception and meaning making by helping to emphasise personal responsibility in the recovery of one`s self.  It keeps the individual`s experience in the present moment, the mentor-client relationship, the environmental and social contexts of a person’s life, and the self-regulating adjustments in people.  It supports the rational evaluations away from the negative experience.  The client learns “what is actually happening” rather than the content of “what is being talked about” or “what has been remembered”.  What is being done, thought, and felt NOW then becomes the platform of true recovery rather than what was, could be, or should have been.  This is an awareness practice by which perceiving, feeling and true interpretation, is explored.  It can provide the difference between the direct experiences versus the indirect.  Awareness of behavior, any triggers and then the ability to risk a shift or change, can now occur.  Recovery from unfinished business is possible.  Often more creativity, aliveness and feeling free can be the results, creating a sense of fulfillment and growth.  He/she experiments with new steps which they couldn`t before.  It is an interpersonal approach between client and mentor who are working it as an experiential/experimental approach.  We find this approach most helpful when clients are developing the “Adult” part for strength, clarity and succeeding in life by becoming aware of their “wounded child” having repeatedly looped the negatives.

Gestalt therapy was originally developed by Fritz & Laura Perls and Paul Goodman in the 1940s and 1950s.

Dialog Processing

Dialogue Processing are techniques incorporating the belief of other parts in us having a great effect on our lives: “You are not one, but many” has often been said. It leans on original archetypal aspects and includes the results we bring to and develop in our lives in order to function. The methods consist of contacting, learning about and working with the many “selves” that make up each of us. Becoming aware of these “selves” provide a clear explanation of how and why we operate our lives in the way we do and often not to our benefit and success.
The way we see the world, limits us. How we control our relationships can be determined by these aspects in us. We can also use dreams where we can receive guidance from within. The “inner teacher” will be established within this method. As we learn about and separate from our individual selves, our own source of deep wisdom can become available to us through dreams. Our daydreams and nightly dreams can be useful, objective and a steady guidance. This technique is valuable for creating awareness and relating to it can give us back control over our lives and behaviour. It can create much more joy and success for everyday life.

An original technique called “Voice Dialog” was developed by Hal and Sidra Stone.

Re-Evaluation Counselling

Re-evaluation Counselling describes itself as a process for freeing humans and society as a whole from distress patterns so that we may resume full-intelligent functioning. It starts with a belief everyone is born completely good or innocent, only having been hurt changed that. Re-stimulation of past hurts that have not been properly released can negatively influence life. If the release can be completed, the behavior and then negative feelings will not be repeated. Unreleased past hurts would make the average person operate on a low percentage of his or her original resources of intelligence. The ability to have a happy, meaningful and successful life is affected. Other negatives include the ability to relate well and enjoy other people. Our role as mentors is to see the client for who they really are and to work co-operatively with them to assist them to recover themselves with these effective techniques. The mentor stays non-judgmental but also “contradicts” unclear thinking/feelings and other conditions associated with distress. This brings the release of the negative emotions. The mentor is here to also “interrupt” the client’s patterns. Re-evaluation Counselling applies “bold”, thoughtful action to free human beings from the distresses associated with past hurtful and unjust experience. The mentor clears their own emotions beforehand with the same techniques. This provides a platform for fast and effective recovery for the client.

A co-operated version called Re-Evaluation Co-Counseling was originally developed by an American Harvey Jackins.

Jungian Sand Play

Sandplay Therapy is a recognized therapeutic approach for both children and adults. It is very useful for identifying internal conflicts, often manifested as anxiety and depression.

It can show up personality vs. the “Self” in a human.

It creates a safe space, where the complexities of the inner world are explored which is great for emotional healing. Clients place miniature figurines in a small sandbox to express confusing feelings and inner experiences. This is the visual expression of the psyche’s contents and reveals unconscious concerns and wishes often not reachable in any other way. As it becomes visual and symbolic, it can be integrated into a person’s sense of self. This can activate positive behavioral change and new understandings. The effectiveness of Sandplay therapy comes with an understanding of Jungian psychology; the archetypal/personal symbolism that appear in the sand. It provides a way for material from the unconscious to become visible, healed and integrated into the consciousness, thus allowing life to be lived in a more conscious and authentic way. Neuro-biological research supports the fact that Sandplay can help with emotional memories and traumatic sensory experiences and it is the most effective way to access and release these “unconscious” feelings and experiences and bring them into consciousness, where they can be healed. Sandplay also provides a visual, non-verbal avenue for the psyche to develop and become whole. It is a direct method to establish an inner connection with the greater Self.

Original Sandplay Therapy is based on the psychology of C.G. Jung and developed by the Swiss psychotherapist and teacher Dora Kalff.

Breath Work

Breath Work is an amazing process to open, clear and connect you to the essence of who you are.  It can be used to purge negative memories that have been repressed.  It also can renew, invigorate and inspire you.  Benefits can be achieved through the use of a special breathing technique known as ‘Connected Breathing’.

It can create a real body-centered-awareness.

Breath work, with profound release of negatives, can assist you to deepen your understanding of yourself, to take greater control of your life, and to experience more inner feelings of peaceful freedom, inspiring aliveness and the invigorating sense of well-being.  This technique uses conscious application of breathing to influence the mental, emotional and the physical state.
Original rebirthing/breath work was invented by Leonard Orr in the 1970s.  He proposed that correct breathing can cure disease and relieve pain.