At Real Is Best we assist you by providing counselling-therapy to identify and define your emotional issues and to help you better understand yourself.  We are especially trained to help you with Real Stress Release.
We also can also provide and explain options for you, help you in setting goals and bring you real support to take action all the way.

  • Do you have difficulties in relationships and connections to others?
  • Are there any business or work/career issues?
  • Do you suffer physical un-wellness, weight and general health problems?
  • Sometimes can`t think clearly? Not much learning capacity or blockages?
  • Do you have emotional problems, feel  a sense of meaninglessness, depression, anxieties, have addictions, phobias?

Connect with us today for a FREE 30 Minute phone-assessment to give you a new positive direction!

Lara James, Facilitator, Counsellor and Mentor

Why choose our programs?
         Training Programs and Experiential Workshops
         for Business, Organisations and Corporations,
         SEMINARS (nationally & internationally),
         ONE ON ONE sessions either in person,
         per SKYPE or on the PHONE 
         (5 or 7 days duration)
         with us in Tasmania, Australia

Our clients achieve fast, effective and lasting results by releasing their stress

applying our SYNCHRONISE SYSTEM TM, the formula for highly productive, successful, happier and fulfilled lives!