Public and Corporate

Join us for a chance to advance in workshops and seminars which are designed to give you an incredible edge to life as you know it.

Your Facilitator Lara is sharing the strongest intuition, her knowledge and the profound insights she has.  

People have come away from our workshops experiencing new clarity, strength and focused vision.


What do you get from our workshops and trainings?

Our workshops will energise you and give you new and rewarding perspectives for your life!

We give you space and time to explore and heal, with our progressive approaches.

You will come away with new drive, knowledge, energy and happiness.

You will understand yourself and others much more and grow in empathy and knowledge.

Your day to day life can now become easier and you have new space for what YOU really want your life to be!

We offer programs which work in two areas of society:

1)General Public

2)Corporations, Business and Organisations.

Our workshops and seminars are designed for you to really advance while feeling greatly supported in creating positive breakthroughs for your life!


Every year we run a vast variety of events for the public in Australia and other countries.

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In business, organisations and corporations, supervisors and managers, have begun to realize that there are greater benefits which come from staff and management who have attended our workshops and seminars. Here are some benefits for you in the long term:

Better relationships among all levels in the organisation resulting in increased profitability, less injuries, less staff sick days, less staff turnover, more contentment at work and greater long term sustainability.

We tailor-make our programs to specific needs and/or train in general high level positive outcomes for businesses, corporations and organisations. Some of the focus points are:

  • Specific needs and topics for corporations and organizations.
  • Streamlining staff,  de-stressing and reinvigorating interest for their participation at work and in business.
  • Management debriefing and or mediation.
  • Competitive versus Creative Leadership Model which creates long term sustainability and profitability.
  • One On One Debriefing in Business, Corporations, Organisations.
  • workplace emotional and mental health well-being

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